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Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Let’s admit it, business trips can be fun but it can also be rather stressful or exhausting, tiring when it comes to long term business trips. Often, the entrepreneurs have to deal with long delays, tight schedule, or cramped hotel rooms so it is not always about having a whale of a time. Therefore, a good planning is crucial to avoid the qualms to ensure a pleasant business trip. Before you pack your bags, here’s a comprehensive list of 4 amazing tips:

Tips When You Go for Suites in Kuala Lumpur

1. Manage your time wisely

Business travelers frequently deal with tight schedules with unexpected changes which is why effectively planning your time is very important. Anticipate some uncertainties and account for the possibility of travel disruptions such as flight delays in order to get to the desired destination early or at least on time. Also, being aware of the time difference of the country you are traveling to will help you avoid any confusion that may arise from it. Take note on the designation of business days in the place you are heading to as it could vary from place to place to prevent any miscommunications or missed appointments.

2. No last minute!

Making early travel arrangements will prove extremely important if your business trip is scheduled during peak season or holiday. This includes booking your hotel, flight, short term and long term rental in good time. Doing so will help you save on bookings and also ensure that you get the best deals. If your business trip destination is regarded as a tourist hotspot, you might need to make the necessary accommodation arrangements early enough. For example, if you’re planning on booking a perfect stay, you should avoid last minute bookings if you want to get the absolute best services and vacancies.

However, unforeseen circumstances do occur for whatever reason, causing you to make last minute cancellations. This could greatly affect your business travel plans in the near future and is extremely challenging to prepare for it. It affects all of your bookings that’s been made and it will definitely cost you. In most hotels around the world, requires you to give 1 week prior to cancel your room booking. However, SubHome allows you to give 2 days prior to cancel your room booking.

3. Technology to help you stay organize

There are plenty of websites and apps that you can use to stay organized as well as to get essential information regarding the travel destination. Here’s a list of sites and apps that can come in handy;

Google translate, If you’re traveling to a country that doesn’t speak your native language, this app could offer you with some translation assistanceOanda, For information regarding the exchange of currencies.Skyscanner or Flightradar, For information regarding flight schedules.SubHome, If you’re planning on traveling to Malaysia, this site could help you make the necessary arrangements on long term or short term rental booking at their executive suites in Kuala Lumpur such as the Robertson Premier suites.Expensify. For help with the management of expenses.Interactive airport maps, To help you navigate airport terminals.

4. Pack smart!

The following set of packing tips will help you avoid the inconveniences associated with packing for a business trip.

Start a packing list with items that you will need a few weeks ahead before your business trip. The list will come in handy as you ascertain that no item is left behind before you leave.Pack some healthy snacks. Traveling can really tire your body out. To ensure that your body stays fit while on transit, you can prepare some healthy snacks and carry it with you to help you recharge. SubHome has suites that will provide you with a kitchenette so you can prepare your own meals.Pack light. This will ensure that you have fewer items to keep a track of so you can stay more mobile on your trip. Packing light will also reduce the baggage costs that you’ll incur at the airport. Having the right size of bag can make the whole packing process an easy job. Here you go, a simple tip to pack efficiently: roll instead of folding the clothes, it leaves more space for more stuff!Consider the security protocols that you might have to follow while packing. This will prevent you from experiencing unnecessary delays at the security checkpoints. You should therefore ensure that your electronics and liquids can be easily accessed.Be strategic about your wardrobe especially for business trip. Pack your clothes with neutral colours as it is easier to mix and match with one another.Another tip for you: Never need to worry about wrinkles on your clothes when you are staying in Subhome suites as they provide ironing facilities. Chill!Pack some casual clothes. Even though you’re traveling for business, you should also include some casual and comfortable outfits for downtime when you need to have a casual dinner or do a bit of exploring.Pack some resources for entertainment and relaxation. Business trips could mean that you’ll have to deal with minor setbacks such as long waiting hours. You should therefore include resources such as books, music or movies to help you relax and keep you in the right headspace. Oh, don’t forget to bring a pair of earplugs as it can be a lifesaver if you need to deal with someone’s snoring sound whether on the flight or from your roommate at night. Thank me later.Pack enough business cards with you. Grab every chance! As you never know who you might meet while on transit. Carrying business cards with you will ensure that you utilize every networking opportunity that you get. You could even end up making some new business acquaintances during your long term or short term rental that you’ll be staying at.


A business trip doesn’t have to be a taxing work commitment that you can’t wait to get over and done with. With the above set of helpful tips in staying organized during the whole trip, you will not only have a successful trip but also enjoy the experience. Safe travels!

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