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Why travelers should choose service apartment over a hotel in KL for daily rental?

Rent With SUBHOME : Many people shy away from holidays due to the exorbitant prices they need to pay for accommodation. Hotel accommodation is a major chunk of expense on your holiday bill. Secondly, it is almost always impossible to find a hotel that will meet all your expectations. An uncomfortable holiday is a holiday at dismay, which is worse. Serviced apartments could be your answer to all your worries. If you are traveling to Kuala Lumpur for business or leisure, then you need not to worry. We, at Subhome are here to offer you the best serviced apartments in KL for daily rental.

Here are some of the reasons to choose a service apartment over a hotel in KL for daily rental.

Everyone loves a spacious room and a little privacy

Serviced apartments offer a generous amount of space than a conventional hotel room. They are usually 30% bigger than hotel rooms. You most definitely need a large space, especially if you are traveling with your family and kids. Most serviced apartments in KL offer kitchen, living room, and bedroom area in a well-designed studio or 2-3 bedroom apartment.

Unlike the hotels that are filled with people all around the year, serviced apartments give you that much-needed privacy, and exclusivity. So you can just relax and make the most of your holidays. Excuse yourself from intrusive room service, housekeeping or receptionist, and enjoy the apartment all to yourself or with family.

Cherish the beautiful feeling of a home away from home.

The many amenities provided in the serviced apartments like Wi-Fi, TV, on-site gym, furnished kitchen will help you enjoy a much relaxed and comfortable time. The furniture and other fixtures used in the apartment are designed to give you a sense of your home. Being designed perfectly for families, these spacious serviced apartments are ideal for family vacations, as the kids have enough space to run around and play while the adults can comfortably relax.

This ideally will be a home away from home. If you are looking for a sense of home, you can never go wrong with Summer Suites and Robertson Premier Suites, which are among the premier offers by Subhome. Enjoy your stay, just as you would do at home. May it be a business trip or for pleasure, when you get back to your apartment and lazily slouches into the couch, home is what you feel and wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to smell and feel home again after a long day.

Family holidays are no longer a costly affair. Thanks to the cost-efficient studio apartments!

The exorbitant price tag of hotel rooms can easily dampen your travelers' spirit. Just thinking of the hefty bill might make you want to cut your trip short and travel back. This is more so if you are traveling in large numbers or with a family.

However, if a richer experience than what you get at a hotel is offered to you at cheaper costs, the choice is made easier for you. Subhome offers suites at ridiculously reasonable prices with the best of quality service which you will never be able to turn down.

Enjoy the serviced apartments’ comfort more than what you could get in a hotel.

Hotels are for many things but probably not for comfort and space, thanks to their small rooms. Serviced apartments are essentially designed specifically keeping your comfort in mind.

So you will for once, feel at home, as the setting is very accommodating and comforting than the cluttered rooms of hotels. Explore the amenities that come along with the serviced apartments for which you often need to pay separately in hotels.

Fire the grill and turn into a chef to cook your choicest meal.

Eating out every meal while on holiday can cause quite a damage to your wallet. Fret not! At serviced apartments, you can unleash your inner chef and cook up a storm, thanks to the fully furnished kitchens.

Especially if you are traveling in a group or with family, where everyone has different taste preferences, cooking can be the most economic way to cater to everyone's choices. Stock your fridge up and use the ready-to-go kitchenette to prepare meals as per your preference and save quite a sum that you would have otherwise spent on your meals outside. And you can cook at anytime you want when you have the facilities ready within the space you are living in without needing to worry about going out at wee hours to find food.

Enjoy your stay that you can customize as per your needs.

Say you want to throw a surprise party to celebrate special occasions like birthdays/anniversaries, hotel rooms are certainly not the best place to do that but a serviced apartments can definitely cater to the need. Not just that, in the event where you have special requirements due to illness or for nursing babies, special arrangements are easily done at the serviced apartments than the hotels.

Some serviced apartments also provide butler services, to tend to your specific needs including providing you with help to stock your kitchen and the fridge as per your requirement even before you arrive at the apartment. Planning a surprise party for a loved one can be at ease with services as such that are often not provided by hotels.

There is much more than meets the eye.

Apart from catering business or leisure travel needs, serviced apartment can also be rented for secondments, trainings or placements by corporate companies or organisations.

Most serviced apartments are ideally located near offices and corporate parks, hence serviced apartments by Subhome are suitable for clients and staff traveling to KL for meetings. Regular bulk bookings can also fetch you handsome discounts, which in turn means additional savings.

Serviced apartments offer much better service than the conventional hotels, ensuring you have a homely, comfortable and relaxed stay in KL. Serviced apartments is the obvious choice if you really want to enjoy your holidays comfortably without straining your accommodation budget. Let it be business or leisure, allow us to provide you with a lodging experience like never before!

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